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Iron Fist Is Terrible and Here’s Why (1/2) (Spoiler Free)

  This part of Geekspeaker’s review of Iron Fist is spoiler free. 1:15: Ryan is writing a novel. It’s pretentious. I mean, I’m writing a (garbage) novel, too. 3:00: Ben is reading Honor Harrington books. They’re not bad, despite the artwork on the front cover. 5:00: The meat of the podcast: Iron Fist is trash…

PODCAST #15B: Approaches to Character Creation

0:55: What’s the first thing you do when making your character? 2:50: The Idea Man, the guy who comes to the table with an idea of what he wants to play. 11:20: The Window Shopper, the person who looks through the book until he sees a picture he likes. 19:15: The Functionary, a.k.a. that dude…


PODCAST #15A: Jessica Jonesin’ (And How Racist Was H.P. Lovecraft?)

0:53: What are the nerd things we’re up to? I wrote a scathing review of Jessica Jones (because it’s terrible). Ben is still playing Fallout 4. Ryan is sad that we’re missing U-Con. 03:30: We can’t stop talking about Jessica Jones! She’s a strong, powerful female character who definitely is not a self-destructive alcoholic bitch. What…


PODCAST #14: Random Talking

The Gang shoot the shit. It has come to our attention that this podcast may be misnumbered, but nobody cares. 0:50: Ryan talks about the change in content policy on GeekSpeaker. Hint: It’s becoming less, uh, friendly. The term “dead baby sense of humor” comes up and we have to edit out a joke. 2:10:…


PODCAST #13B: Your RPG-Spot

The Gang discuss what really they enjoy in RPGs and how to play nicely with others. 0:37: Ryan explains the concept of compersion, which is apparently something found in polyamory circles. This is not how he is using it. 1:25: We discuss the things that make us tick as gamers. For me, it’s immersion. 2:40: Ryan…


PODCAST #13A: Fallout Edition (Kind Of)

In this edition of our not-so-weekly podcast, The Gang bring everyone up to speed on our goings-on (and why we’ve been away for so long), and then we discuss what’s on everyone’s mind: Fallout 4. 0:45: Ryan and I have started new jobs. We also went on vacation to Disney World. I apologize for the…


PODCAST #12A: A Rather Tardy Review of E3

Wowzers, we are LATE with this one.  Nonetheless, the Gang give some of their commentary on a whole load of videogames. 0:01: We introduce Brooke, one of our beloved game members.  She’s playing in eight games at once. 3:25: New season of Daredevil to include Punisher (and Elektra).  Problem: The Punisher is an awful character. …


PODCAST #11: Yammering about genres.

This week, the Gang discuss news and our favorite genre. 2:40: After rambling for a bit, Ryan kvetches about people kvetching about rape scenes in television shows. In particular, the reaction to Outlander vs. Game of Thrones. He takes on The Mary Sue. Look out, ladies! Entertainment Weekly (barf) discusses it here, otherwise watch it…


PODCAST #10B: The DM’s Expectations

The Gang discuss today’s Table Topic, which is what the DM should expect from his players.  Notes to come! http://www.geekspeaker.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Geekspeaker-10B.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download


PODCAST #10A: Nostalgia Edition

The Gang discuss their awful childhoods and a bit of recent news. 0:45: Ryan rambles about his unfunny webcomic about “Lovecraftian slackers.”  Note that it may be funny, I just dislike webcomics. 2:10: We talk Mad Max: Fury Road.  The general consensus (of those who matter) is that it was a fun movie, but it…