Savage Spells

The Savage Worlds system lacks in wondrous magic.  Though it has a plethora of them, they center around combat.  Smite, blast, burst, bolt, blind, confusion, jet, pummel, and so on–I think you get the idea.  Savage Worlds doesn’t have magic that feels magical.  The magic feels mundane.

How, then, to bring this feel to the game?  Fortunately, Savage Worlds is very modular, so the addition of spells is easy enough.  Here are a handful of hand-crafted selections.  Some are combat-oriented and some are not.

Control Weather

  • Rank: Veteran.
  • Power Points: 4-8, see text.
  • Range: 2-miles.
  • Duration: 24 hours (2/day).

Upon casting this spell, the caster changes the weather in a 2-mile radius surrounding him.  The spell’s capabilities depend on the climate and current weather of the area, as well as the number of power points the caster spent.

For 4 power points, the caster may alter or create typical weather for an area.  This usually includes light or moderate precipitation in winter or summer, heavy precipitation in the spring or rainy season, a modest temperature change (+/- 15 degrees or so), a temporary dry spout, overcast skies.

For 6 power points, the caster may create atypical weather for an area.  This includes heavy precipitation any time of the year, a heat wave or cold snap (+/- 30 degrees), heavy clouding, storms.

For 8 power points, the caster may create violent and destructive weather typical for a region.  Blizzards, monsoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, and the like.

Once the caster has finished the spell, be warned, for he cannot further control it without casting control weather again.


  • Rank: Novice.
  • Power Points: 1.
  • Range: Smarts.
  • Duration: 1 hour (1/hour).
  • Trappings: Floating disk, magic carpet, small treant, living treasure chest.

This spell is useful for carting around extra treasure or dead bodies.  When cast, it conjures a small creature for the caster.  The servant has a Toughness and Parry of 2, and he has a d10 Strength.  Every other ability is at a d4, and he has no skills.  With an action, the caster may direct the servant to act or move, though the servant cannot attack, deliberately harm others, or perform complex tasks.

Arcane Lock

  • Rank: Novice.
  • Power Points: 2.
  • Range: Touch.
  • Duration: Permanent.
  • Trappings: A rune drawn over the lock, a conjured magic key.

This spell substitutes for any sort of lockpicks or special equipment needed to bypass security systems.  The caster can use his Arcane Skill roll in place of the Lockpicking skill.

He may also cast this spell to reinforce a lock or door, rather than bypassing it.  To do so, he makes an Arcane Skill roll as normal.  Any attempts to bypass the lock or door take a -2 penalty (-4 on a raise), including rolls to smash it.


  • Rank: Novice.
  • Power Points: 1.
  • Range: Smarts.
  • Duration: See text.
  • Trappings: A small bird, fairy, spirit, or squirrel.

When you cast this spell, you call forth small creature to deliver a message.  This creature will deliver a single message for you, written or spoken.  The messenger acts upon your knowledge and remains under your guidance, so it can deliver a message to someone only if you have a good idea where that person is and what he looks like.  The messenger travels at a quick walk (about 4 miles per hour), and can cover about 32 miles per day total.  Should you get a raise on your Arcane Skill roll, it moves at twice this rate.

Manipulate Emotions

  • Rank: Novice; see text.
  • Power Points: 3; see text.
  • Range: Smarts.
  • Trappings: A song, psionic mind-whispers, hypnotic lights.
  • Duration: One scene.  (Or, if you’re not into dramatic intervals, one hour.)

When casting this spell, you tap into the primal emotions of a person. Your target must make a Spirit test (-2 penalty if you get a raise on your spellcasting roll) or be affected by your magics.  The strength of this spell depends on your rank and how many Power Points you spend.

  • Novice: 3 Power Points.  You can affect your target’s mood. You may move him one “step” in another direction (upset to furious or vice-versa, sadness to weeping or vice-versa, fear to panic or vice-versa). The target must be feeling some emotion to affect him.
  • Seasoned: 5 Power Points.  You can create emotions out of nothing.  You may take a person who is calm and turn him to anger, sadness, fear, and so on.
  • Veteran: 7 Power Points.  As the Seasoned version, but you may further impress the emotion upon him, turning him giddy, furious, etc.
  • Heroic: 9 Power Points.  You can drive someone into emotion beyond reason.  Violent frenzy, panicked hysteria, unrestrained lust, and so forth.

Special: If you spend an additional 2 Power Points, you can affect all targets in a Medium Burst Template.

Charm Person

  • Rank: Novice; see text.
  • Power Points: 3; see text.
  • Range: Smarts.
  • Trappings: Magical charms, a sorcerous web, a psychic bond.
  • Duration: One scene.  (Or, if you’re not into dramatic intervals, one hour.)

You ensnare your target in your sorcery unless he passes a Spirit test (-2 penalty on a raise on your spellcasting roll), causing him to like you.  The strength of this spell depends on your rank and how many Power Points you spend.  Should you attempt this spell on a non-human, it costs an additional 2 Power Points.

  • Novice: 3 Power Points.  Cause your target to perceive you favorably. He likes you, but he’s not going to stick his neck out for you.
  • Seasoned: 5 Power Points.  Cause your target to perceive you as a friend.  He will perceive your words and actions favorably and is willing to help you within reason.
  • Veteran: 7 Power Points.  Cause your target to perceive you as a trusted friend.  He will put himself into harm’s way to protect you, will pull strings, and so on.
  • Heroic: 9 Power Points.  Cause your target to fall madly in love with you, though it can also cause your target to perceive you as his archenemy, his most hated foe, whom he will stop at nothing to destroy.


  • Rank: Novice.
  • Power Points: 2-4, see text.
  • Range: Smarts.
  • Duration: 24 hours (2/day).
  • Trappings: Explosive runes, a tripwire, a tracking device.

This spell wards an object, room, or entrance from intruders.  Once warded, anyone who you do not wish to touch/access the ward triggers an alarm.  This alarm can be audible, or it can be a silent mental alarm that alerts you.

For 4 Power Points, the alarm can be coupled with a deadly trap.  When someone unauthorized triggers the ward, he takes 2d6 damage.

Mind Reading

  • Rank: Seasoned.
  • Power Points: 3.
  • Range: Smarts x 2.
  • Duration: 3 rounds (1/round).
  • Trappings: Charm, mental compulsion, whispers in the mind.

This power allows the caster to read the minds (as the name suggests).  The caster chooses a target who must then make a Spirit roll opposed by the caster’s Arcane Skill roll.  On a success, the caster can hear the creature’s surface thoughts for the duration of the power.  On a raise, the caster hears the surface thoughts, and he may mentally interrogate the target.  Such an interrogation takes no action and inflicts no harm on him, but it does allow the caster to ask one simple question that the target will answer truthfully.