PODCAST #16: Dark Matter.

The Gang discuss whatever.

0:30: Ben discusses Just Cause 3. “It’s a big fun sandbox with explosions.”

1:10: Scott Buck is showrunning Iron Fist, and yes, this is terrible old news at this time.

2:25: Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor, and not in a good way. In fact, has Jesse Eisenberg ever been good?

4:50: Boy, we’re still talking about Jessica Jones. That was, like, so 2015. The show is terribly paced and everyone who likes the show is categorically empirically wrong.

11:55: We talk about the SyFy show Dark Matter.

12:40: Dark Matter: the good. The show is overall watchable and has pretty good production values.

17:00: Dark Matter: the bad. The characters have one-note personalities, and the show itself is really campy.

28:05: A specific complaint I had: not enough of the characters have interesting schticks.

30:00: Dark Matter: the WTF. Jodelle Ferland is not 15, stop pretending she is. Further discussion on giant guns and feudal Japan ensues.