PODCAST #15A: Jessica Jonesin’ (And How Racist Was H.P. Lovecraft?)

0:53: What are the nerd things we’re up to? I wrote a scathing review of Jessica Jones (because it’s terrible). Ben is still playing Fallout 4. Ryan is sad that we’re missing U-Con.

03:30: We can’t stop talking about Jessica Jones! She’s a strong, powerful female character who definitely is not a self-destructive alcoholic bitch. What the hell’s a “strong female character,” anyway? It doesn’t really matter because nothing happens in the series. No matter how much you want to like Jessica Jones, it’s not up to the standard set by Daredevil.

8:10: “It’s not sexy lesbians.”

12:30: We’re still talking about Jessica Jones, and Ryan talks about Game of Thrones.

12:55: Ryan and I watched Terminator: Genisys. It was entirely forgettable.

15:00: There’s a Riddick series? Another Riddick movie? Okay, whatever. I guess I won’t complain.

18:00: The World Fantasy Awards drop the bust of H.P. Lovecraft as an award because Lovecraft was racist. We discuss this in some depth, but since I’m writing the notes, I get to put my opinion: H.P. Lovecraft contributed more to contemporary literature than you did, so I don’t really give two shits what your opinion on him is. Until you produce something better and more influential than Lovecraft, you can stuff it–and I guarantee if you’re some halfwit who tweets all day about “problematic” content, you are unlikely to produce anything worth reading. (You are a boring person with boring opinions.)