Iron Fist Is Terrible and Here’s Why (1/2) (Spoiler Free)


This part of Geekspeaker’s review of Iron Fist is spoiler free.

1:15: Ryan is writing a novel. It’s pretentious. I mean, I’m writing a (garbage) novel, too.

3:00: Ben is reading Honor Harrington books. They’re not bad, despite the artwork on the front cover.

5:00: The meat of the podcast: Iron Fist is trash fiction. Should Iron Fist be Asian? I still think that Iron Fist doesn’t need to be Asian, though Ryan thinks he ought to be. Ryan has opinions on diversity: “Diversity is good as a means, not an ends.” I think the idea that diversity as an intrinsic good is a flawed presupposition; e.g., the existence of diversity is inherently neutral.

8:00: Ryan whines about white people “going native.” My eyes are rolling out of my skull.

12:40: I do not believe that casting an Asian-American automatically improves the show Iron Fist. I comment that Buddhism is both a universalist religion and yet it is intrinsically linked to ethnicity.

14:00: Iron Fist has no unique identity, which is where the real problem lies. Iron Fist has no real vision behind it. It’s clearly a product rushed out the door.

16:10: The fight scenes are boring and chopped up. Supremely visually unimpressive.

18:00: Wire-fu, Matrix moves, etc. Why is Iron Fist’s fighting so lame? Black Widow’s fighting style is discussed.

20:00: Finn Jones is nothing special. He lacks the martial artistry to be a supernatural martial artist.

22:40: Jessica Jones manages to be better than Iron Fist. “It’s like an SVU episode.”

23:16: The show does have some redeeming qualities…just not many of them.

23:45: Even the business Iron Fist is “running” is boring. Compare to Tony Stark’s corporate enterprise.

25:29: Danny Rand is completely selfish.

29:00: There was a lot they COULD have done with Iron Fist, but it ended up being “Daredevil’s worse little brother.”